About Beldam Crossley

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About Beldam Crossley 

At Beldam Crossley we see ourselves as a company with both a rich heritage and a strong vision for the future. We have worked hard to position ourselves as leaders in a carefully selected group of niche markets. Primarily, these are Aerospace, Defence, Oil and Gas, high end Automotive, Power Generation, Marine, Petrochemical Processing and Construction.

Within these niche markets we manufacture high quality machined and engineered components. Our focus is on creating solutions for problems, and this means that we work closely with our customers to develop new products as they are needed.

It is this ability to adapt to changing industries that has kept us relevant as a company over a hundred and thirty years after we first entered the market. We recognise the importance of continued improvement, and it is because of this that we have worked to innovate year after year, decade after decade.

But we know that innovation on its own isn’t enough. We ensure that every product that leaves our manufacturing plant is of our trademark high quality. We also provide customer service that is unrivalled in our industry. We want our customers to be sure they are investing in the right products, so we are always on hand to advise.

We are a globally minded business with a local focus. We use an international distributor base that enables us to work with customers worldwide to find solutions for their sealing problems.

Our Vision

For a company with such a long and prosperous history as ours, it is vital to have a clear vision for moving forward. We are immensely proud of where we have come from, but we are also proud of where we are going.

Our focus is on long-term specification, working mainly with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. We look to continue designing solutions for tough engineering environments. Our customers come to us with problems that no one else has been able to solve, and we work to innovate unique solutions. By solving these specific issues, we are able to manufacture new products that also solve widespread, global issues.

We look to continue moving forward in our primary markets of Aerospace, Defence, Oil and Gas, high end Automotive, Power Generation, Marine, Petrochemical Processing and Construction. Within these markets we will increase our global footprint and manufacture new products that are high quality and cost-effective. We also look to keep developing the customer relationships we have developed over the last hundred years and to continue to build new ones.

Over the coming years we will continue to invest in our UK manufacturing plant in order to stay ahead of the competition with our state of the art facilities and manufacturing techniques.