News and Views of Beldam Crossley

Please take a look at the latest news, views, and updates from Beldam Crossley.  We deal with projects including PTFE skid plates, industrial sealing solutions as well as many different aspects of engineering, design and quality projects.

Sao Vang Skidway Installation

Here’s one of our recent launches, the Sao Vang Jacket being put out to sea on our PTFE Skidway system.

Aerospace image

Best Uses For High-Temperature Sealing Rope

What Are The Best Uses For High-Temperature Sealing Rope? Rope Seal (also known as Cord Seal), allows designers and engineers the ability to increase operating efficiencies. By reducing leakage from…
Lip seal

How Do Rotary Seals Work?

How Do Rotary Seals Work? Rotary Seals are used primarily in high-pressure applications – specifically lubricant rotating control devices. They work by pushing the lubricant into the lip and shaft.…
Lip seal

What Are Lip Seals and How Are They Used?

What Are Lip Seals and How Are They Used? At Beldam Crossley we produce bespoke Lip seals considering seal design along with material selection, utilising our extensive range of propitiatory…
Sealing solutions in Wind Turbines

Sealing Solutions For Wind Turbines

Rotary Seals in Wind Turbines Wind power is the furthest developed renewable energy source. With the world needing more and more energy, but a better environment, wind turbines are one…
Sealing to prevent flooding on board ships

Sealing To Prevent Flooding On-Board Ships

Sealing To Prevent Flooding On-Board Ships Since 1876, Beldam Crossley has been designing specific sealing products for all vessels and platforms at sea. As we have a global network of…
12,500 tonne jacket launched with Beldma Crossley skid plates

12,500 Tonne Jacket Launched

12,500 Tonne Jacket LaunchedThis 12,500 tonne jacket was successfully loaded-out and subsequently launched with the aid of Beldam Crossley Crossflon skidway systems.
Bespoke bellow for oil refinery

Bespoke Bellow For Oil Refinery

Bespoke PTFE Bellow Manufacture This PTFE Bellow was designed for use in an oil refinery with the purpose of recycling fuel vapour whilst the tanker is being filled.  We designed…
Chevron Wheatstone project, Arkuntun Dagi Topside

Exxon Mobil Arkutun-Dagi Project

Exxon Mobil Arkutun-Dagi Project A Crossflon® Skidway System was used to successfully load-out a 47,830 tonne topside (includes 5,135 tonne deck support frame)