Crossflon® High Performance Engineering Plastics

Moulding PTFE for over half a century

PTFE (Teflon™)

Crossflon® High Performance Engineering Plastics

Beldam Crossley have been at the leading edge of development within the polytetrafluoroethylene industry since its introduction into the UK market in the early 1950’s.

By continually developing the exclusive and comprehensive Crossflon® range of specialist compounded materials, we aim to satisfy the ever increasing demands of today’s industries. Great care is taken in selecting the most suitable polymer to match each requirement.

As part of the Beldam Crossley service, we manufacture a wide range of PTFE products and components to individual customers’ specifications. In addition, with the latest CNC equipment plus a highly skilled workforce, we can produce complex machined, moulded, and fabricated parts in a wide range of sizes.

Our technical department is always available to assist with design and development of your PTFE parts.

Incorporating the most modern fillers, and backed by our ongoing development and test programme, the Crossflon® brand meets the ever increasing requirement for longer life, higher speeds and loads, chemical resistance and cost-effectiveness.

ColourMaroonMaroonGoldWhiteGreyTanTanBlack Black BronzeWhiteWhiteWhiteGreyBrownBlack
Max Load “P” (psi) MPa7145.215146.9201014146.914714207
Max Speed “V” (fpm) m/s22255255521.322552
Max “PV” (psi-fpm) 0.350.
Rc 25 & HigherXXXXX
CoF 3311242221131221
Creep Resistance3534524445132341
Insulation PropertiesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesNoNoNoYesYesYesYesYesNo

Machined Component Parts

Beldam Crossley offer a comprehensive range of polymer machining with the ability of machining small to large components with relatively simple to complex features, within a work envelope of 1100mm x 540mm x 480mm. The manufacturing department not also has the ability of machining components to drawing but also provides the service of assembling machined components and purchased parts into sub assemblies or final assemblies to support the customer’s assembly criteria.

PTFE Bearings

Plane cylindrical and flange type bearings are available in most Crossflon® compounds. Please contact us for us advice on selecting the appropriate material for your application.


Most Crossflon® compounds are available in sheet and tape form, which can be etched making them suitable for bonding to other materials or used in wide range of applications where reduced friction is needed. Compounds specifically formulated with FDA compliant components can be used as non-stick coating surfaces in food and drug contact applications.

WEAR Components

Wear components are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, other than those indicated above. These include wear strips, pump bodies, and pistons for chemically and thermally demanding operating conditions. We can manufacture to customer specifications or provide design assistance. Please contact us for more information.

Moulded Rod and Tube

Moulded rods and tubes are available in most Crossflon® compounds. Please contact us for more information on the range.

Formed Parts

We offer hot or cold formed parts in most Crossflon® compounds. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.


Solid and split pistons rings with a wide range of joint configurations can be manufactured to customer specifications. Alternatively, we can assist in designing a ring to meet with your individual requirements.


Automatic Moulding
Compression Moulding