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Beldam Crossley has been an active partner to the defence industry supplying all NATO forces globally, the company holds all the necessary compliance procedures to ensure all legal requirements are adhered to. The majority of products supplied to this sector are used in critical applications, and are supplied to either the OEM direct or the NATO force.

The defence sector is a very demanding one to work within. For the past sixty years, Beldam Crossley has remained committed to keeping up with these demands. We work closely with military organisations to develop sealing technology that is fit for the applications and environments it is needed for.

We also collaborate with OEMs and authorised maintenance contractors who are involved with the design and upkeep of the technology that makes the defence sector what it is. In this way, Beldam Crossley works on a global basis to support military vehicles, submarines, surface vessels, aircrafts and artillery systems.

Beldam Crossley has worked hard to amass a reputation built on quality and service. We hold very close customer relationships and work directly with governments around the world.

Working in the defence sector calls for high levels of quality requirements. To date, Beldam Crossley holds the following standards:

  • Quality Management System BS EN 9100, BS EN ISO 900 in accordance with AS9104
  • Aerospace Standard AS/EN 9100 revision C
  • Environmental Standard ISO 14001