Pilot® Compression Packings

High performance Sealing




Pilot® Compression Packings 

The Pilot® brand of high-performance compression packings are primarily designed to create a sealing surface between a moving spindle or shaft and the pressurised housing in which it operates. Beldam Crossley utilises the latest production techniques and leading materials to ensure a high integrity seal is achieved in even the most arduous applications.

They are typically used on valves, pumps and other rotary and reciprocating equipment. We have one of the most extensive range of sizes available today, supplied typically in a square section ranging from 3mm to 25mm as a standard profile, with larger sizes and bespoke products available upon request.

The Pilotpack 3480, 3411, 5035, 3435, 4040 & 7099 range of gland packings is suitable for contact with wholesome water for domestic purposes having met the requirements of BS6920-1:2000 and/or 2014 at temperatures up to 85°C.
These packings are WRAS approved (APPROVAL NUMBER: 1709521) – Click here for Certificate

Pilot® compression packings are also suitable for use in static sealing applications such as manway and boiler door joints.

Packing StyleProduct Description PumpsValvesMax Rotary SpeedMax Linear SpeedMax Rotary PressureMax Valve PressureMax TempPH Range
Pilotpack 76 Lubricated traditional marine packingYesYes102251001205-9
Pilotpack 116Graphited traditional marine packingYesYes102251001205-9
Pilotpack 3400High performance ePTFE packing for food, pharmaceutical and fine chemicalsYesYes202201002800-14
Pilotpack 3408100% PTFE oil free packingYesYes102203502800-14
Pilotpack 3410Lubricated PTFE packing for general industrial useYesYes152202002800-14
Pilotpack 3435High performance industrial packing manufactured from ePTFE with graphiteYesYes252253502900-14
Pilotpack 3480High performance universal packing manufactured from ePTFE with graphiteYesYes2002801-14
Pilotpack 4000High purity graphite packing with inconel for high temperature valves and pumpsYes25005000-14
Pilotpack 4001High purity graphite packing for high temperature valves and pumpsYesYes252253005000-14
Pilotpack 4009High purity graphite packing with inconel for high temperature valves and pumpsYes23506501-14
Pilotpack 4010Flexible filament graphite packing for high pressure and high temperature valves and pumpsYesYes25282005003-13
Pilotpack 5020Aramid packing with lubricant for use with abrasive mediaYesYes202253003002-13
Pilotpack 5035Aramid packing with graphited ePTFE for use with abrasive mediaYesYes252203502901-14
Pilotpack 8022Special composite synthetic packing for general industrial applicationsYesYes162101502902-12
Pilotpack 8113Graphited refined silica packing for high temperature pumps and rotating applicationsYesYes101101004003-13
Pilotpack 8500Refined silica packing with special reinforced and lubricant for high temperature valvesYes11507003-14

Bespoke products can be accommodated. Please use the Contact form for help and assistance. Our best endeavours will be made to meet exact requirements.