Pilotseal Sheet Jointing

Developed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding applications

Pilotseal / Sheet Jointing

Beldam Crossley PILOTSEAL sheet jointing and rubber products have been developed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding industrial sealing applications.

PILOTSEAL is supplied from a standard range of jointing and gasket types. Requirements beyond the scope of the standard range can be accommodated after technical review and consideration. PILOTSEAL is also supplied in sheet format. The standard range comprises of:

  • Compressed non-asbestos fibre sheet for general service applications, steam and oils
  • Filled and expanded PTFE sheet for severe chemical duties
  • Reinforced graphite and mica for high temperature solutions
  • Industrial rubber for low pressure and temperature solutions


Packing StyleProduct DescriptionMax Temp Air Max Temp SteamWaterOilsWeather / OzoneFood
Pilotseal 34 Grade X material for arduous general service applications400250******
Pilotseal 125Grade Y material for light industrial duties200180******
Pilotseal 178Superior quality and performance Grade Y material for general service400200******
Pilotseal 172Excellent quality Grade Y material with anti-stick coating400200******
Pilotseal 500Soft and comfortable expanded PTFE for most chemical duties260************
Pilotseal 550Red filled PTFE for use with most chemicals, acids and alkalis260************
Pilotseal 570Blue filled PTFE for light bolt loading applications260************
Pilotseal 590White filled PTFE for a broad range of chemicals duties260************
Pilotseal 2TExfoliated graphite with stainless steal tanged inset for additional strength450500+************
Pilotseal 201 Mica based jointing for use with extremely hot gases1000280*****
Pilotseal EPDMRubber sheet and rolls with good chemical resistance100******
Pilotseal FKM Excellent quality rubber roll and sheet with superior weather and ozone resistance210******
Pilotseal Commercial Economical rubber grade for use in light service industrial applications70******
Pilotseal NeopreneUniversal rubber compound with excellent resistance to flame, oils, water and weather70******
Pilotseal Nitrile A universal rubber compound with excellent resistance to flame, oils, abrasion and ozone70******


***        Primary Recommendation

**          Secondary Recommendation

*            Suitable depending on condition

Blank    Not Recommended