Crossflon® 1601


• Auto-moulded bearings & components
• Sleeve, flanged and thrust bearings
• Piston rings, valve seats
• Stamped, formed seals and gaskets
• Machined parts
• Moulded shapes


• Vacuum pumps
• Mixers
• Compressors
• Appliances
• Automotive
• Insulators
• Linear slides
• Shaft support
• Wear bands



Crossflon® 1601 is a white in colour, chemically modified PTFE compound which improves several of the properties of conventional PTFE while retaining good thermal, chemical and dielectric properties. All components used in the manufacture of this material are FDA compliant. Crossflon® 1601 gives very good deformation under load, good weldability and good resistance to weather and Ultra Violet exposure.