Crossflon® 1403


• Auto-moulded bearings & components
• Sleeve, flanged and thrust bearings
• Piston rings, valve seats
• Stamped, formed seals and gaskets
• Machined parts
• Moulded shapes


• Vacuum pumps
• Mixers
• Compressors
• Appliances
• Automotive
• Insulators
• Linear slides
• Shaft support
• Wear bands



Crossflon® 1403 is brown in colour, this reinforced PTFE material provides a good balance of mechanical and tribological characteristics, whilst still retaining most of the chemical and dielectric properties of unfilled PTFE. This material has excellent resistance to creep, deformation under load and provides excellent wear resistance in most environments including water. Crossflon® 1403 has a very high PV rating for a PTFE based material.