Crossflon® 403

• Automatically moulded bearings & components
• Sleeve, flanged and thrust bearings
• Piston rings
• Stamped and formed seals
• Machined parts
• Moulded shapes


• Pumps
• Mixers
• Compressors
• Appliances
• Automotive lip seals
• Liners
• Linear Slides
• Pipe supports
• Wear bands
• Dust seals
• Solenoid valves
• TPS shaft seals
• EGR valves



Crossflon® 403 is black in colour and provides a good balance of properties for bearing applications. It has an extremely low coefficient of friction, a high level of chemical inertness and good wear resistance especially against soft mating surfaces. Crossflon® 403 has higher creep resistance and thermal conductivity than unfilled PTFE to allow for greater loading ability and cooler running when used in dry conditions.