Pilotpack 4000

Valve applications
Temperature range:
Inert gas conditions – 200 to 1000˚C
Steam – 200 to 650˚C
Oxidising environment – 200 to 450˚C
Maximum pressure: 350 bar (5080 psi)
For higher pressures, please contact Beldam Crossley

Reciprocating applications
Speed: 2 m/s
Temperature range: – 200 to 450˚C
Maximum pressure: 200 bar



Manufactured from pure expanded graphite containing minimal amounts of trace elements such as sulphur and chloride, then reinforcement with Inconel wire. This ensures that the packing has high thermal conductivity, very low friction and rapid heat dissipation, factors that ensure a long seal life. The inclusion of a corrosion inhibitor ensures that when the packing is used on valves with stainless steel stems, pitting does not occur in environments prone to galvanic corrosion.

Long sealing life for high temperature high pressure valves
Available as standard grade – PILOTPACK 4000 or nuclear grade – PILOTPACK 4003
Inclusion of a corrosion inhibitor ensures stainless steel valve stems do not suffer pitting
Manufactured from highest quality pure graphite with minimal impurities
Contains Inconel wire reinforcement to minimise extrusion and provide high pressure capability
High thermal conductivity and low friction properties ensure increased service life
Easy to cut and install so can be used to replace moulded rings resulting in greatly reduced stock and cost

Chemical Compatibilities
For the pH range 0-14, the packing is chemically inert and suitable for steam. It should not be installed in strong oxidising environments such as hot concentrated nitric acid, highly concentrated sulphuric acid and molten alkali metals.

Sizes Available
All square sections from 3mm (1/8”) to 25mm (1”) are generally available from stock in differing lengths depending on the cross section. Larger and rectangular sections can also be manufactured to order. PILOTPACK 4000 and 4003 packing can also be supplied in preformed or die formed rings.