Pilotseal 34

Physical Properties
Density                                      1.75g/cc
Tensile Strength                      ASTM F152 9-11MPa
Compression                            ASTM F36 9%
Recovery                                    ASTM F36 55% Min
Residual Stress                        BS 7531 (300°C) 26MPa
                                                     DIN 52913 32MPa
Gas Leakage                             BS 7531 <1.0cc/min
ASTM Oil 1                                 Thickness Increase 1.0%
IRM 903                                      Oil Thickness Increase 2.5%
ASTM Fuel B                              Thickness Increase 3.0%



PILOTSEAL 34 is a superior quality sheet jointing material with excellent mechanical properties and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

PILOTSEAL 34 is suitable for use with hot and cold water, steam, fuels, oils, solvents, gases and oxygen.

Approvals and Compliance
DIN-DVGW (Gas Industry)
WRAS Potable Water
BAM (oxygen service) up to 90°C and 160 bar
BS7531 Grade X

Sizes Available
Thickness Range 0.25mm to 6.0mm
Standard Sheet Size 1.5m x 1.5m