Pilotseal Nitrile

Physical Properties*

Base Polymer                                  NBR
Indentation Hardness                   ASTM D224000    60 Shore A -4/+5
Specific Gravity                               ASTM D792          1.25 g/cm³
Tensile Strength Min.                    ASTM D412          8.4 MPa
Elongation @ Break Min.              ASTM D412              400%
Min. Cont. Work Temp.                                                  c-25°C
Max. Cont. Work Temp.                                                    70°C
Max. Intermittent Work Temp.                                       90°C
Compression Set 70°C 22 Hrs    ASTM D395 Meth B   25%




Butadine Acrylinitrile Rubber is normally abbreviated to NBR, but is more commonly known as Nitrile and is a synthetic polymer. Typically used in applications where resistance to oils and chemicals is required.

Applications and Characteristics
Food Use                                        Not recommended
Water Use                                      Fair
Mineral Oil Use                             Fair
Abrasion resistance                    Moderate
Ozone weather resistance        Fair
Flame retardency                        Not recommended
Electrical resistance                    Moderate
General Purpose                          Excellent

Sizes Available
Thickness Range                          1 to 6mm         10m rolls
Standard Width                            8 to 25mm         5m rolls
Standard Length                          1.4m

Typical Shore Hardness range 40 – 70 also available