Pilotseal BDJ

Physical Properties
Base Polymer                                     EPM
Indentation Hardness                     70 degrees
Specific Gravity                                  1.35+/-0.02 g/cm3
Max. Cont. Work Temp.                   190°C
Max. Intermittent Work Temp.     190°C



PILOTSEAL Boiler Door Joint sheet material is constructed from high quality polymer, primarily for use as a boiler door joint. The high temperature capability combined with the sealing resilience expected from a elastomeric material make it ideal for steam service duty. Boiler door joints, gaskets on water heaters, air receivers, paper mill drying cylinders, and many other gasket services that use similar seals.
No grease, jointing compound or proprietary paste is needed to achieve an efficient seal, even on imperfect surfaces that may cause problems with other gaskets. After use the gasket can be easily removed eliminating the need to scrape

Applications and Characteristics
Food Use Not recommended
Water Use Fair
Mineral Oil Use Not recommended
Abrasion resistance Fair
Ozone weather resistance Fair
Flame retardency Good
Electrical resistance Not recommended
General Purpose Not recommended

Sizes Available
Thickness Range 6mm
Standard Width 1.0m
Standard Length 10m