Pilotseal FKM

Physical Properties*
Base Polymer                        Fluoroelastomer
Indentation Hardness         ASTM D2240 00 70 degrees
Specific Gravity                     ASTM D792 1.98 g/cm3
Tensile Strength Min.          ASTM D412 6MPa
Elongation @ Break Min.    ASTM D412 200%
Min. Cont. Work Temp.        – 30°C
Max. Cont. Work Temp.         210°C
Max. Intermittent Work Temp.    210°C
Compression Set                   70°C 22 Hours ASTM D395 Meth B 50%



PILOTSEAL FKM – is a Fluoroelastomer with outstanding resistance to oxygen, ozone, weather, flame and chemicals. Suitable for higher temperature applications within the Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Aerospace Industries .

Applications and Characteristics
Food Use Not recommended
Water Use Fair
Mineral Oil Use Good
Abrasion resistance Moderate
Ozone weather resistance Excellent
Flame retardency Not recommended
Electrical resistance Moderate
General Purpose Not recommended

DuPont grades also available on request

Sizes Available
Thickness Range 1 to 6mm 10m rolls
Thickness Range 8 to 25mm 5m rolls
Standard Width 1.2m

* Typical Shore Hardness range 40—70 also available