Crossflon® PTFE Skidway System

Crossflon® XF500 is a water repellent grease primarily developed as a lubrication aid for Crossflon® skidway plates, but also suitable for use in general engineering applications where low coefficient of friction and reduction in shear energy is required. It offers technical and commercial advantages over conventional greases such as silicone oil.

We recommend the use of Crossflon® XF100 membrane to reduce the initial static friction caused by absorbent timber skid shoes, lengthy construction periods, uneven loading and construction site debris.

Crossflon® Skidway System Fabrication Yard

  • Crossflon® skidway plates – dimpled & chamfered.
  • Crossflon® XF500 lubricant.
  • Crossflon® XF100 membrane.

Crossflon® Skidway System Launch Barge

  • Crossflon® skidway plates – dimpled & chamfered.
  • Crossflon® XF500 lubricant.
PTFE Skidway System
Skidway System launching oil rig
Stage 1 slideplates installation
Stage 1

Crossflon® skidway plates are tack welded to the skid beam generally in an offset configuration. This is to distribute pressure more evenly during a load-out or launch operation.

Stage 2 slideplates installation
Stage 2

Crossflon® XF500 lubricant is applied to the surface of the Crossflon® XF225 and then a layer of Crossflon® XF100 membrane is rolled into position.

Stage 3 slideplates installation
Stage 3

Once the Crossflon® XF100 membrane has been installed, the timber skid shoes can be lowered into place for construction to commence.