Pilotpack 3480


A high-performance packing manufactured from a multifilament graphited PTFE yarn impregnated with high-temperature lubricant.

A combination of the Crossplait braid design with the lubricant impregnation ensures a long service life, even in arduous applications. The specially developed yarn has superior dimensional stability, pressure & extrusion resistance than homogeneous yarns often used in braided packing.

PILOTPACK 3480 is excellent general purpose packing for use in a wide range of both dynamic and static applications. It is especially suitable for applications where extrusion can be a problem or there is low speed but large radial shaft movements such as in mixers or agitators.


  • Long sealing life for high-speed pump applications but can also be used on valve, mixer and reciprocating applications, on almost all chemicals, solvents and oils.
  • Excellent performance at higher pressures due to superior anti-extrusion properties.
  • Capable of withstanding large radial shaft movements in mixers.
  • Suitable for many applications especially in refining, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage and metal processing industries.

Chemical Compatibilities

  • For the pH range 1-14, the packing is chemically inert & suitable for steam but should not be used with fluorine, molten alkali metals, hot fuming nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, oxygen-rich environments.

Sizes Available

  • All square sections are available from 3mm (1/8”) upwards, supplied in 8 m or 4 m lengths depending on the cross-section. Rectangular sections can also be manufactured to order. PILOTPACK 3480 packings can also be supplied in preformed or die formed rings.

Rotating applications

Speed: 20 m/s
Temperature range: -100 to 280˚C
Maximum pressure: 20 bar

Valve applications

Speed: 1 m/s
Temperature range: -100 to 280˚C
Maximum pressure: 200 bar

Reciprocating applications

Speed: 1 m/s
Temperature range: -100 to 280˚C
Maximum pressure: 200 bar

PTFE Design

Beldam Crossley can create PTFE products to your specification, creating a product with the correct PTFE grade material that works best for your application.

Contact our team of design engineers with your requirements and see how we can help you.


Beldam Crossley has been moulding PTFE for over half a century. We have since developed a wide range of High Performance Crossflon® materials, each suited to a specific application.

Pilotpack 3480