Pilotpack 4009


PILOTPACK 4009 is a superior quality low emission packing that is constructed from exfoliated graphite that is reinforced by knitted Inconel wire mesh to provide additional strength and resistance to extrusion.

The packing is further coated with corrosion inhibitors and graphite-based lubricant to provide smooth running in service.

PILOTPACK 4009 has been designed to reduce fugitive emissions with ease and as such is available ‘off the spool’ and requires no special fitting techniques.


  • Processing chemicals and handling hydrocarbon liquid, fuels and gases where fugitive emissions must be reduced to below 100ppm
  • PILOTPACK 4009 has a low sulphur content that makes it suitable for use in many nuclear applications
    High-temperature valves
  • Petrochemical, Refineries, Steel Works and Power Stations


  • PILOTPACK 4009 has successfully maintained a leakage of less than 100ppm when tested to Shell SPE 77/312 and ISO15848-1:2006 and TA-Luft VDI 2440 based standards

Chemical Compatibilities

  • For the pH range 1-14, the packing is chemically inert excluding strong oxidising agents.

Sizes Available

  • All square sections from 3mm (1/8”) to 25mm (1”) are generally available from stock and supplied in differing lengths depending on the cross-section. Larger and rectangular sections can be manufactured to order. Packing can also be supplied in preformed or die formed rings.

Valve applications

Temperature range: Up to 120˚C
Steam: Up to 650˚C
Non-oxidising conditions: Up to 3000˚C
Maximum pressure: 350 bar under normal conditions, 500 bar under specific conditions.
Speed: 2 m/s

Pilotpack 4009