Crossflon® Skidway Systems – Technical Data

Typical coefficient of friction values are 5 to 8% for static (breakout) and 2 to 5% for dynamic (skidding). These values are based upon the correct installation of the Crossflon® skidway plates, the surface finish of the timber skid shoes and the application of a Crossflon® lubrication system.

The actual coefficient of friction values recorded during the load-out of a 32,000-tonne jacket on a Crossflon® skidway system were 5% for static (breakout) and 3% for dynamic (skidding).

Crossflon® XF225 is an enhanced form of PTFE, which offers substantially improved performance over the materials traditionally used in the manufacture of skidway plates and slide bearings, namely virgin and 25% glass fibre filled PTFE.

As the technical data shows, Crossflon® XF225 can accommodate significantly higher pressure than 25% glass fibre filled PTFE and yet has a coefficient of friction values that are comparable with those of virgin PTFE.

Technical Skidways Data