Slide Bearing Technical Data

Used in pipe lines, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, machinery, buildings and bridges

Crossflon® XF225 Technical Data

Crossflon® XF225 is an enhanced form of PTFE, which offers substantially improved performance over the materials traditionally used in the manufacture of skidway plates and slide bearings, namely virgin and 25% glass fibre filled PTFE.

As the technical data shows, Crossflon® XF225 can accommodate significantly higher pressure than 25% glass fibre filled PTFE and yet has coefficient of friction values which are comparable with those of virgin PTFE.

Selection Guide

  • Calculate the overall load of the structure as this will indicate the total area of the Crossflon® slide bearing required at an appropriate temperature and pressure.
  • Consider the function and rigidity of the structure to determine the quantity and positions of the Crossflon® slide bearings.
  • Take account of any unusual conditions that will affect the Crossflon® slide bearing during operation, such as the temperature at the sliding interface, angular misalignment and the need for acoustic or vibration dampening.
  • The type of adhesive used is determined by the temperature range at which the Crossflon® slide bearings will be operating. We ask therefore that this information is specified on all enquires.
  • Determine the most suitable method of fixing the Crossflon® slide bearings to the installation.
  • Consider the operating environment and select the type of steel for the backing plates accordingly.
  • If you have any difficulty in specifying your Crossflon® slide bearings, please contact us for assistance.

Crossflon® XF225 – Technical Data 


Material Virgin PTFE25% Glass Fibre Filled PTFECrossflon® XF225
DescriptionA PTFE material that has a low coeficient of friction and high chemical inertness. Suitable for a very wide range of applications that require these characteristics. A reinforced PTFE material that has high compressive rigidity, low cold low, high wear resistance and good chemical resistance. For use in most applications involving sealing and bearing. A reinforced PTFE material that has a low coeficient of friction, high creep resistance, high load bearing capacity and high wear resistance. Specifically developed for skidway and slide bearing applications.
Operating Temperature Range
(Continuous Service)
-250°C to +260°C-250°C to +260°C-250°C to +260°C
Compressive Strength
(ASTM D695)

1 % Strain

5 % Strain

0.2 % Offset

4.0 MPa

11.5 MPa

9.0 MPa

6.2 MPa

16.5 MPa

12.3 MPa

10.8 MPa

30.0 MPa

18.2 MPa

Maximum Pressure (P)

Non-recessed Design

Maximum Pressure (P)

Recessed Design

Up to 6.9 MPa

Up to 13.7 MPa

Up to 13.7 MPa

Up to 27.5 MPa

Up to 18 MPa

Up to 50 MPa
Static Coeficient of Friction
(BCL Method)
0.04 - 0.060.11 - 0.190.04 - 0.08