Standard 16 Pilot® Compression Packings 

All our manufacturing is based in the UK and operates to internationally accepted standards – including BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO AS 9100 Rev. C standards for design and manufacture of products for aerospace, and environmental management system standards to BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

Packing StyleProduct Description PumpsValvesMax Rotary SpeedMax Linear SpeedMax Rotary PressureMax Valve PressureMax TempPH Range
Pilotpack 76 Lubricated traditional marine packingYesYes102251001205-9
Pilotpack 116Graphited traditional marine packingYesYes102251001205-9
Pilotpack 3400High performance ePTFE packing for food, pharmaceutical and fine chemicalsYesYes202201002800-14
Pilotpack 3408100% PTFE oil free packingYesYes102203502800-14
Pilotpack 3410Lubricated PTFE packing for general industrial useYesYes152202002800-14
Pilotpack 3435High performance industrial packing manufactured from ePTFE with graphiteYesYes252253502900-14
Pilotpack 3480High performance universal packing manufactured from ePTFE with graphiteYesYes2002801-14
Pilotpack 4000High purity graphite packing with inconel for high temperature valves and pumpsYes25005000-14
Pilotpack 4001High purity graphite packing for high temperature valves and pumpsYesYes252253005000-14
Pilotpack 4009High purity graphite packing with inconel for high temperature valves and pumpsYes23506501-14
Pilotpack 4010Flexible filament graphite packing for high pressure and high temperature valves and pumpsYesYes25282005003-13
Pilotpack 5020Aramid packing with lubricant for use with abrasive mediaYesYes202253003002-13
Pilotpack 5035Aramid packing with graphited ePTFE for use with abrasive mediaYesYes252203502901-14
Pilotpack 8022Special composite synthetic packing for general industrial applicationsYesYes162101502902-12
Pilotpack 8113Graphited refined silica packing for high temperature pumps and rotating applicationsYesYes101101004003-13
Pilotpack 8500Refined silica packing with special reinforced and lubricant for high temperature valvesYes11507003-14