Rotating applications

Speed:                                 10 m/s
Temperature range:         -100 to 290°C
Maximum pressure:         10 bar

Valve applications

Speed:                                  2 m/s
Temperature range:         -100 to 290°C
Maximum pressure:         150 bar

Reciprocating applications

Speed:                                  2 m/s
Temperature range:         -100 to 290°C
Maximum pressure:         100 bar


Highly cost effective universal packing manufactured from a unique sheathed yarn of aramid and pre-oxidised acrylic. The individual strands of yarn and the packing are both impregnated with PTFE dispersion, with an additional coating of high temperature lubricant. Using the ‘Crossplait’ method of construction, this ensures excellent chemical resistance, low surface friction and high impermeability together with good running-in properties. PILOTPACK 8022 is excellent universal packing for use in both dynamic and static applications in a wide range of industries. This can lead to a minimal stock holding on site, so reducing inventory costs and more importantly, the possibility of the wrong packing being installed.


  • Excellent universal packing
  • Cost effective solution allowing minimal stock holding
  • Long sealing life for pump, valve, mixer, reciprocating and static applications
  • Excellent resistance to chemical attack
  • Highly impermeable to liquid and gases
  • Suitable for many applications in chemical, petro-chemical, paper and pulp industries as well as refineries. Also suitable for Steam applications.

Chemical Compatibilities

For the pH range 2 -12, the packing is suitable for dilute acids and alkalis, oils, solvents, steam and water


All square sections are available from 3mm (1/8″) to 25mm (1″) are generally available from stock in differing lengths depending on cross section. Larger and rectangular sections can also be manufactured to order. PILOTPACK 8022 packing can also be supplied in preformed or die formed rings.