Physical Properties

Density                                                1.4g/cc
Tensile Strength    ASTM F152       11 MPa
Compression          ASTM F36          40%
Recovery                 ASTM F36          30% min
Residual Stress      DIN @ 175°C     25 MPa
Creep Relaxation  ASTM F38           35%
Gas Permeability  DIN 3535            <0.02cc/min
Liquid Leakage      ASTM F37          0.23ml/hr



PILOTSEAL 570 is a superior performance and quality biaxially orientated PTFE sheet material which is highly conformable which makes it ideally suited to both standard and irregular flanges.


  • PILOTSEAL 570 is specially designed for low bolt torque applications and irregular flanges. It is ideally suited for use on glass lined vessels, ceramic or plastic flanges or any application where there is an uneven surface finish and is suitable for use with a wide spectrum of chemicals across the whole pH range.
  • PILOTSEAL 570 has extremely low gas permeability aned excellent creep resistance

Chemical Compatibilities

For the pH range 2 -12, the packing is suitable for dilute acids and alkalis, oils, solvents, steam and water

Approvals and Compliance

Conforms to the requirements of FDA21 CRF 177.1550 regulations
TA-Luft VDI 2440

Sizes Available

Thickness range                0.75mm to 3.00mm

Standard Sheet                 1.5m x 1.5m